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VERY interesting:  The Physics of Sailing

Racing Rules:

Prep Boat Fleet Resources

Right /Left  Starboard/Port Confusion?

Take this test to see the difficulty the human brain has
discerning left from right:

Beginner Series Resources

Session 1

Sailing Lessons: The basics (part 1)

How to sail a sailboat


Points of sail


How to tie a Bowline

How to tie the Figure 8

How to tie the Cleat Hitch for a Halyard

How to tie a Clove Hitch

Session 2

Beginners Guide to Sailing - An Introduction

Sailing - Wind Direction

How to sail - Points of Sail - Parts 1-5

Sailing Lessons: The basics (part2), 3, 4

Intro to Apparent Wind 

Intro to right-of-way and basic racing. Note: The zone of two-boat lengths was changed in 2009 to three-boat lengths:  Sailing rules

And an interesting article from Sailing World (October 2012) about how rules have changed over the years:  


Session 3

Race Committee

Newport YC Race Committee On Board 

A Day on the CGSC Race Committee

Watch an Olympic race:
Rio Replay: Finn Men Medal Race

America's Cup 2013 actually made Sailboat Racing EXCITING to watch

Irish Commentator is Confused During Olympic Laser Race

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