2022 Summer Series Race Schedule

* Dock Time is 6:00 pm for ALL classes - JAM, Prep, PHRF (except 8/23 and 8/30 when it becomes 5:30 pm)

* RC crew is to meet at the pavilion at 6:00 pm

IMPORTANT – If a Tuesday evening race is cancelled for any reason, that is considered the end of an NCWSA event. If you choose to remain on a boat or leave port, you are doing so at your own risk. If you participate in any activities outside of a Tuesday evening race/prep sail, those are not NCWSA events, you are not participating as an NCWSA member and you are participating at your own risk.

 Shakedown Cruise June 7 N/A 
 Practice Race June 14 Ovation

 Race #1 June 28 Saga
 Race #2 July 5


 Race #3 July 12 Blue Meanie
 Race #4 July 19 Orca and One Pass
 Race #5  July 26 Star Ten
 Race #6 August 2 Calmon
 Race #7 August 9  MBSS Medalla

 Race #8 August 16  Rubber Soul
Race #9  August 23 Verktado 
Race #10 August 30 Braveheart 

-- There is no racing on 6/21 due to Cleveland Race Week

-- Races #6 through #10 - Prep boats have the option to race

Courses / Race Committee

Courses will be run off the pavilion using fixed marks. Refer to Sailing Instructions (SIs) for additional information.

The courses will be short and set up similar to previous years in a windward/leeward format with potential for a possibly more complex course, TBD. 

As in the past, each boat will be responsible for acting as race committee for a night. Assignments will be determined by the Board in raffle format and will be announced at a later date.

Skipper's Meetings

There are no Skipper's Meetings, however, before the Shakedown Cruise and Practice Race there will be a brief meeting for ALL participants  - JAM, PHRF, and Prep racers - at 5:45. The course and any amendments to the Sailing Instructions will be posted each Tuesday by 5:45 pm on the garage door windows at the south end of the EYC patio.

Boat Classes

For 2022, we have 16 boats entered in three classes: JAM, PHRF, and Prep Racer. (The prep fleet is meant for beginning racers. They sail for the first five Tuesdays and have the option to race for the last five Tuesdays starting August 2 or they can continue to sail instead of race.)

Stay Safe!

  • Wear your Personal Floatation Device (PFD).
  • Learn where your boat’s safety equipment is and how to use it – fire extinguishers / radio.
  • Learn your boat’s rigging and how to be aware for missing, loose, damaged rigging - tell your boat owner /skipper/coach if you see something amiss.
  • Understand what to do if in a Person Overboard situation.
  • Stay on board -- always one hand for yourself and one hand for the boat.
  • Speak up if you are not comfortable for any reason e.g. asked to do a job you can’t do.

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